Laser Vs Traditional Root Canal: Is Ditching the Drill the Right Choice?


Root canal treatment is one of the more common dental treatments around the world. That is largely because of the success rate of a traditional root canal, with 97 per cent of all cases surviving after 12 months. The Australian Dental Association notes that traditional root canal therapy is a popular choice for those looking to tackle infections and decay in their teeth. However, a major concern for many is the pain experienced during and after the procedure. Fortunately, advancements in dental technology have introduced laser root canal treatments as a promising alternative.

Both laser and traditional root canal treatments offer unique advantages and disadvantages. Making an informed decision requires understanding the differences between them, and we’re here to help you compare laser versus traditional root canal treatments for a better choice.

Understanding Root Canal Treatment

Have you been suffering from prolonged tooth pain? Or maybe tooth decay? Your dentist might have proposed root canal treatment for you. But all you can feel is the anxiousness of going through the procedure due to the painful accounts you have heard from others. But what if there was a way to make the process smoother and less intimidating?

A root canal is advised when the tooth is inflamed or infected. This can be because of deep decay, injury from prior dental works or even cracks. The central goal of the root canal treatment is to liberate you from pain, extract the infected pulp, and maintain the natural tooth.

Now let us do a laser vs traditional root canal treatment

Traditional Root Canal Treatments: Time-tested Method

Traditional root canal treatment has been a star of the dental industry for decades. It has helped many patients alleviate their pain. In traditional root canal treatment, a small opening is made to access the pulp that is infected. Later, using a specialised instrument, the expert dentist will extract the damaged tissue, clean the root canal, and seal it with a material to discourage any further infection.

Laser Root Canal Treatment: Are We Ditching the Drill?

Laser root canal treatment is a high-tech alternative to the traditional root canal treatment. Nowadays, more and more people are picking laser treatments because of their effectiveness and effortless experience. Here, instead of using traditional drills, lasers are used to precisely target and clear the infected parts. Laser root canal treatment effectively targets the root canal and minimises bacterial reinfection risks. Additionally, it is said to be more comfortable and have more rapid recovery, making it an appealing choice for patients.

Why Choose Laser Root Canal Treatments?

  • Precision: The use of laser technology allows us to extract tissue precisely without harming the surrounding healthy tissues.
  • Reduced discomfort:while the traditional root canal treatment is known for its pain, patients encounter less pain and discomfort with a laser root canal.
  • Faster recovery: all the procedures will be much better if they heal faster. As the laser root canal is minimally invasive, it also has shorter recovery times. This helps the patient to restart their life as it is.
  • Enhanced safety: while traditional root canal treatment has a risk of cross-contamination, laser root canal facilitates a sterile treatment environment and has a lesser risk for cross-contamination.

Choosing The Right Treatment Option

Did you decide the winner between laser versus traditional road canal treatment? The choice between both should depend upon various factors like your needs and your dentist’s advice. It is important to keep all the requirements along with your budget in mind. At Studio Smiles, we will help you pick the best solution that suits you. We are equipped with high-quality and advanced technologies along with highly experienced and skilled dentists who will help you with both traditional and laser root canal treatments.


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