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What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a great treatment for those who have lost teeth over time and are looking to improve the aesthetic and overall function of their mouth. Generally, dental implants involve screws being placed into the jaw bone, acting as a root for the missing teeth. This prevents loss of the jaw bone and provides a stable foundation for everyday life.

At Studio Smiles, we’re able to use the latest techniques and technologies to make sure you get the best treatment possible. We’re dedicated to providing the best possible outcome to give you a long-lasting solution to your smile. Transform your smile. Book an appointment today.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

At Studio Smiles, our end goal is always to make you feel happier and healthier. It’s safe to say that dental implants achieve just that.

Locked into the jaw, dental implants provide stability and durability for your new smile. There won’t be any need to remove them, and you’ll be able to continue on as if you never lost your teeth in the first place!

Aesthetically pleasing
They look great. Dental implants give you the opportunity to get back your smile and feel confident once again. No more missing teeth. No more shying away from photos and conversations. You’ll finally be able to show them off!

Book your appointment today, and smile with confidence.

How long do dental implants last?

With proper love and care, dental implants have the capability to last for 20+ years. If you allow for regular maintenance and cleaning, and avoid small habits that may ruin the teeth such as chewing on the end of your pen, you’ll have a smile that’ll last a lifetime.

Can dental implants loosen?

In theory, they can. However, they shouldn’t. If the dental implant treatment has been done correctly and with proper care, the teeth should stay stable and durable. Since the implant is secured right into the jaw, it shouldn’t be able to move. Sometimes we find the reason for a loosened implant is the crown that is attached on top. If this is the case, book an appointment at Studio Smiles today and we’ll be able to get you checked out.

Do dental implants feel strange?

Dental implants shouldn’t feel strange. With no roots or nerves in the teeth, you shouldn’t be able to feel sensations that you would normally get with certain pressures and hot/cold consumables. If you are feeling some sort of sensation, it’s most likely coming from the gum tissue surrounding the implants. This is a sensation that will gradually pass as your mouth heals. Over time, you’ll adapt to your new teeth.

Do dental implants look natural?

Absolutely. Dental implants will give you a healthy, rejuvenated looking smile. If you don’t tell anyone, they won’t have to know! Book an appointment today.

I’m nervous about getting dental implants. How can you help me?

We understand the feeling of anxiousness that can come along with dental treatments. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to make sure you have the most enjoyable, pleasant experience. Our highly qualified team will be here to talk you through any and all questions you may have, and make sure you understand each step of the journey. We’ve invested in cutting-edge technology to make sure you don’t feel a single thing. And if you’re wanting a little more, our facility has been custom-built to allow for safe sedation. Our dental sedation allows you to feel completely zen if that’s what you’re after.

What are the signs of a failed dental implant treatment?

Dental implants are meant to be a permanent treatment to restore function in your mouth and a healthy smile. So, when you feel like your dental implant treatment has failed, it can become concerning.

Symptoms to look for:

  • Inflamed gums
  • Severe pain or discomfort
  • Gum sinking
  • The feeling of a loosened tooth
  • Difficulty chewing

If you feel like your dental implant treatment has failed, give Studio Smiles a call directly and we’ll do everything we can to see you as soon as possible. It’s important to attend to this quickly to avoid any further oral problems.

What are my treatment options?

The all-on-4 dental implant treatment improves bite alignment, speech and overall aesthetic. This treatment involves applying a new set of teeth that rest on 4 dental implants to reinvent your smile. Compared to the traditional denture treatment, all-on-4 is both a stable and durable option to restore the aesthetic and function of your teeth.

The all-on-6 dental implant treatment is extremely similar to the all-on-4 dental implant treatment. The only difference being that the new set of teeth rest on 6 dental implants instead, offering patients increased stability.

The all-on-8 dental implant treatment involves applying a new set of teeth that rest on 8 dental implants in the upper and lower jaw. Offering complete stability, this is the closest dental implant treatment to natural teeth.

At Studio Smiles, we take pride in our transparent approach. We endeavour to make the entire process clear for you so that you understand exactly what is happening, what can be done and the likely outcomes. We find that taking this extra time for a thorough approach means our patients stress less and feel better quicker.

Will my treatment hurt?

Here at Studio Smiles, we take pride in our emphasis on pain-free dentistry. We understand that going to the dentist can be daunting and that there are certain procedures you may find uncomfortable, so we use the latest techniques and technology to make you feel as comfortable as we possibly can. We also offer oral and IV sedation to take the edge off where needed, which means you can wake up to the smile of your dreams without remembering a thing! Book an appointment today.

How much will this cost me?

Costs will vary depending on the individual and the treatment necessary. We believe in a transparent approach, so we make it a rule to provide all relevant treatment options and costs, including the advantages and disadvantages where relevant. This is an important part of our informed consent process. Patients may choose to opt for one of our interest-free payment plans to have their smile transformed now, while having the flexibility to pay later on their own terms. Payment plans can help alleviate the financial barriers to a healthy mouth. We want to make sure you feel completely comfortable with the next steps throughout your entire journey. Book an appointment today.

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