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Teeth whitening in Melbourne

Trust is essential when it comes to teeth whitening. After all, you are entrusting your smile to someone else. At Studio Smiles, we take that trust seriously. We are Melbourne’s premier teeth whitening clinic, and we have a team of experienced and certified professionals who are dedicated to giving you the best possible results.

We use the latest technology and techniques to achieve brilliant results, and we offer a range of options to suit your individual needs. We also offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure that you’re making the best decision for your smile. Contact us today to book an appointment or to find out more about our Melbourne teeth whitening services.


Why you should always trust a reliable dentist with in-chair teeth whitening

In-chair teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures. It’s safe, effective, and can be completed in just one visit to the dentist.

However, not all dentists are created equal. When it comes to choosing a dentist for in-chair teeth whitening, you should always trust a reliable professional with extensive experience. Here’s why:

Our qualified and experienced dentists know how to safely and effectively Whiten teeth. They will take into account your individual circumstances, such as the type and severity of your stains, to ensure that you get the best possible results. In addition, they will carefully monitor the progress of the treatment to avoid any complications.

Our qualified and experienced dentists use high-quality products. They only use products that are recommended by dental experts and have been proven to be safe and effective. This ensures that you get long-lasting results that you can be proud of.

Our qualified and experienced dentists offer convenient payment options. They understand that not everyone can afford to pay for their treatment upfront. As such, they offer flexible payment plans that make it easier for you to spread the cost of your treatment. This means that you can get the smile you’ve always wanted without breaking the bank.

Studio Smiles is proud to offer Zoom teeth whitening in Melbourne

At Studio Smiles, we understand that your smile is one of your most important assets. That’s why we’re proud to offer Zoom teeth whitening in Melbourne. Zoom is a safe and effective way to achieve brighter, whiter teeth, and it’s perfect for busy people who don’t have time for multiple trips to the dentist.
Zoom teeth whitening is quick and convenient, and it can be done in just one visit to our office. We use the latest technology to deliver professional-grade results, and our experienced team will make sure that you’re comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedure.

If you’re looking for a brighter smile, call us today to schedule a consultation. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and help you decide if Zoom teeth whitening is right for you.

About Zoom in-chair teeth whitening

Zoom in-chair teeth whitening is a bleaching procedure that lightens teeth. A dental professional will apply a hydrogen peroxide-based gel to your teeth and then use a special light to speed up the bleaching process.
In just one visit, you can achieve significantly brighter teeth. The Zoom in-chair teeth whitening procedure is safe and effective, and it can give you the confidence to show off your smile. If you are considering teeth whitening, Zoom in-chair teeth whitening may be the right option for you. Talk to our dentists about whether Zoom in-chair teeth whitening is right for you.

The benefits of Zoom in-chair whitening

When it comes to teeth whitening, there are a lot of options to choose from. You can go the traditional route and have your teeth professionally whitened at the dentist, or you can try one of the many at-home whitening kits available online and in stores.

But if you’re looking for something that’s both convenient and affordable, Zoom chair whitening may be the ideal solution.

Zoom chair whitening is a type of professional teeth whitening that uses a powerful bleaching agent to achieve dramatic results in just one session. And because it’s done in a dental office, you can be sure that your teeth will be safe from any damage that could occur with at-home whitening kits. Best of all, Zoom chair whitening is relatively affordable, making it a great option for those who want to improve their smile without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get whiter teeth, Zoom chair whitening may be the perfect solution for you. With convenient appointments and affordable pricing, it’s no wonder this type of whitening is becoming increasingly popular. So why not give it a try? You may be surprised at just how white your teeth can become.

Studio Smiles offers affordable teeth whitening at our Melbourne clinic

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments available, and for good reason. A brighter, whiter smile can boost confidence and make a person look and feel younger. At Studio Smiles, we offer affordable teeth whitening that can help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

Our Melbourne clinic offers a variety of teeth whitening options to suit your needs and budget. We understand that the cost of the teeth whitening in Melbourne can be a deterrent for some people, which is why we offer a variety of financing options to make our services more accessible.

Don’t let the cost of the teeth whitening in Melbourne keep you from getting the smile you deserve. Contact us today to learn more about our affordable teeth whitening options.

What are the benefits to teeth whitening?

Many benefits come along with investing in teeth whitening treatment.
Some of them include:

  • Increased confidence
  • Better quality of life
  • Brighter smile
  • Removal of unwanted stains

Everyone deserves to feel completely comfortable and confident within themselves. If teeth whitening is a treatment you’re interested in, call the highly qualified team at Studio Smiles. Book an appointment today.

Does teeth whitening cause sensitivity?

Sometimes, yes (although minimal). Teeth whitening can cause sensitivity on some occasions. This is due to a peroxide-based agent in the treatment that exposes the second layer of your tooth (dentin). This sensitivity decreases over time as the enamel on your teeth restores itself. If you experience any tooth sensitivity after your treatment, call Studio Smiles directly and our team of talented individuals will be able to help guide you in the right direction.

How many shades whiter can my teeth get?

We’ve heavily invested in technology to make sure that you get the best treatment possible. With trusted products such as ‘Philips Zoom!’ and ‘Opalescence’, your teeth can become up to 8 shades lighter.

Can yellow teeth be whitened?

Absolutely! We have many patients with yellow teeth that decide to go down the teeth whitening route. This treatment gives them the bright smile they’ve always dreamed of and a newfound confidence within themselves. Transform your smile. Book an appointment today at our dental studio.

Why do my teeth hurt after whitening?

Sometimes, whitening your teeth can cause sensitivity for a short time afterwards. Two things that provoke this are hot and cold foods (specifically if they contain any acids) and smoking, so keep away from those after your treatment. Remember to also stick to white foods for the first 48 hours. We don’t want to stain that beautiful, fresh smile.

How long does teeth whitening last?

The results of teeth whitening can last for several years, but it depends on your lifestyle and habits. Things like smoking and drinking coffee can cause your teeth to yellow more quickly. If you maintain good oral hygiene and avoid foods and drinks that stain your teeth, you can help to prolong the results of your teeth whitening treatment.

What are my treatment options?

If you’re looking for a brighter smile, our teeth whitening options can remove years of stains and give you that fresh look you’ve been wanting. Here at Studio Smiles, we only use the latest whitening products from trusted brands such as ‘Phillips Zoom!’ and ‘Opalescence’, giving you full confidence that you’ll receive the best results.

In-chair whitening
The convenience of having your teeth whitened for you in a single visit at the dentist. In a single 90-minute session we apply a special protective barrier to your gums, followed by our advanced custom whitening gel. Sit back, relax, and watch your favourite Netflix series as we get you a brighter, whiter smile.

Take-home whitening
Prefer to whiten your teeth from the comfort of your own home? After having molds of your teeth taken, a set of custom-fitted whitening trays is delivered to you the next day. With enough whitening gel for a total of 10 at-home treatments, our take-home whitening kit allows you to whiten your teeth and maintain your result for up to 6 months afterwards.

At Studio Smiles, we take pride in our transparent approach. We endeavour to make the entire process clear for you so that you understand exactly what is happening, what can be done and the likely outcomes. We find that taking this extra time for a thorough approach means our patients stress less and feel better quicker.

Will my treatment hurt?

Here at Studio Smiles, we take pride in our emphasis on pain-free dentistry. We understand that going to the dentist can be daunting and that there are certain procedures you may find uncomfortable, so we use the latest techniques and technology to make you feel as comfortable as we possibly can. We also offer oral and IV sedation to take the edge off where needed, which means you can wake up to the smile of your dreams without remembering a thing! Book an appointment today.

How much will this cost me?

Costs will vary depending on the individual and the treatment necessary. We believe in a transparent approach, so we make it a rule to provide all relevant treatment options and costs, including the advantages and disadvantages where relevant. This is an important part of our informed consent process. Patients may choose to opt for one of our interest-free payment plans to have their smile transformed now, while having the flexibility to pay later on their own terms. Payment plans can help alleviate the financial barriers to a healthy mouth. We want to make sure you feel completely comfortable with the next steps throughout your entire journey. Book an appointment today.

How does teeth whitening work

Teeth whitening uses a bleaching agent to remove stains and discolouration from the teeth. The active ingredient in most bleaching agents is hydrogen peroxide, which breaks down into water and oxygen when it comes into contact with the teeth. The oxygen molecules then penetrate the tooth enamel and react with the stains, causing them to fade.

Is teeth whitening safe?

When teeth whitening is performed by a qualified dentist, it is safe. Dentists take precautions to protect the gum tissue and other sensitive areas of the mouth from the bleaching agent. In addition, they use lower concentrations of hydrogen peroxide than what is found in over-the-counter whitening products. As long as you follow your dentist’s instructions, teeth whitening is safe.

How long does Zoom teeth whitening take?

The entire Zoom teeth whitening process takes about an hour to complete. However, the actual whitening treatment only takes about 45 minutes. The remainder of the time is spent preparing the teeth for treatment and cleaning up afterwards.

How often do I need to get Zoom teeth whitening?

While the frequency of teeth whitening treatments will vary depending on the individual, most people can benefit from getting Zoom teeth whitening every six months to ensure that their smile stays looking its best. The Zoom teeth whitening procedure is quick and easy, and it can provide dramatic results in just a single visit.

Moreover, Zoom teeth whitening is gentle on the teeth and helps to protect the enamel. For these reasons, it is an ideal choice for people who are looking to maintain a bright, white smile. So if you are wondering how often you need to get Zoom teeth whitening, the answer is every six months.

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