What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover generally involves a series of dental treatments to transform your smile to its most healthy and aesthetic potential. A strong passion of ours, we truly believe that smile makeovers not only transform smiles but also increase patient quality of life and improve overall confidence.

At Studio Smiles we specialise in smile transformations and have helped over one thousand patients achieve the smile of their dreams.

Whether it be for cosmetic, functional, or health improvement, smile makeovers are a fantastic way to achieve your smile goals.

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All smile makeover treatments are customised to the patient and may involve any combination of the following treatments:

With our purpose-built facility and our highly trained staff, we have the capacity and expertise at Studio Smiles to complete all your smile makeover treatments under one roof. No need for specialists or referrals. Having all your cosmetic treatment done in one location means you can get your smile transformed quicker, more simply, and with higher accuracy.

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What is the smile makeover process?

In the past, the smile makeover process has been complicated. It has involved seeing many different specialists in many different clinics. Here at Studio Smiles, it’s a process we complete entirely from start to finish, and it’s all done in-house under the one roof. We’ve invested in a wide range of clinicians, facilities, tools and technologies, to make for a frictionless experience, and it’s something we’re extremely proud of.

We go through the Smile Makeover process in three different stages.

Stage 1: New Patient Package (Consultation)

This involves getting to really know you. We spend an hour with you completing a detailed assessment, getting to know you on a personal level, and figuring out what your goals are when it comes to your smile. We listen to your concerns, any anxieties you may have, and we really align ourselves with your priorities. After having your x-rays and dental photographs taken, we discuss with you the various options to achieve your smile goals, and help you map out your smile journey from there. Whether it be dental implants to replace missing teeth, porcelain veneers to improve the shape or colour, or Invisalign to get the teeth straighter, we’ve got you covered. Walk out of your initial appointment with clarity regarding the best option for your goals and leave the rest to us.

Stage 2: Building the Foundation

After that first appointment, we start the process by getting the foundations right. For some patients this may involve fixing cavities or getting the gums to a healthy state. We want to build on a healthy foundation so this key step will ensure your smile transformation has the best framework for a result with which is not only technically excellent, but which has the longevity to last. You wouldn’t build a beautiful garden before getting the right underneath, correct?

Stage 3: Rebuilding

Each step or ‘ingredient’ in your smile transformation comes together to create the final perfect result. We also take the time to involve you at every step to make sure you are happy and comfortable. At the end of the day, we want you walking out with complete confidence in your brand new smile.

Rebuilding involves reconstructing your smile piece by piece. Depending on your situation and goals this may involve several treatments. We treat your smile transformation like a recipe, each ingredient carefully selected to create the final result. Missing teeth? We might be looking at dental implants. Chipped teeth? Perhaps some composite bonding. Discoloured teeth? Let’s start with whitening.

What are the benefits of a smile makeover?

There are so many benefits to a smile makeover. A lot of the time, we’re wanting to improve our smiles because of something we don’t like. This could be a gap in the middle of our teeth, yellow discolouration, a chipped tooth, the list goes on. In terms of your smile, the benefit is simple – we get to fix any insecurities regarding your teeth and get you the smile that you’ve always wanted.

The other benefits revolve around you. An increase in confidence, an overall boost in happiness, a higher quality of life. There will no longer be any need to shy away from letting people see your smile. Flaunt it!

What are my treatment options?

Every case is unique, so the treatment best suited to you will be determined by your dentist at your initial appointment. It’s important to us that we have a thorough understanding of your needs and desires so that we’re able to tailor your treatment to you. Read below about some of the steps in smile transformations that may be applicable to you.

Composite bonding
Composite bonding (or dental bonding) is a great treatment for those wanting to restore teeth by rebuilding any tooth structure that has been lost overtime. It involves applying a tooth-coloured composite resin to the teeth to repair any existing damage. This works great for teeth which may have small to moderate chips and fractures.

Composite Veneers
Composite veneers are thin, tooth-shaped resin shells that attach directly over your natural teeth. An affordable alternative to porcelain veneers, composite veneers allow us to change the shape, colour, and size of your natural teeth. They can also be used to mask slight crookedness. Often, we may choose to place composite veneers over the front 6 to 10 teeth to transform a smile. This treatment can be completed in a single visit.

Porcelain Veneers (Ceramic)
A fantastic option for those wanting a perfect smile, ceramic porcelain veneers are thin, ultra-strong, tooth-shaped porcelain shells that bond directly over your natural teeth. This method is used to straighten teeth, as well as improve their colour, shape and size. In only 2-4 weeks, porcelain veneers will change your smile, allowing you to feel more confident than ever before.

Compared with composite veneers, porcelain (ceramic) veneers are stronger, and longer lasting. They may last 15 years or longer, compared to composite veneers which may last closer to 5-7 years. Porcelain also has the added advantage of being a non-porous material meaning that the veneers do not stain, unlike composite resin which can pick up stains over time and discolour.

Dental Implants
Have a missing tooth? Get it replaced with a natural dental implant. Consisting of a titanium screw and ceramic top (crown), a dental implant is the closest replacement to a natural tooth. Once implanted into the jaw bone, a dental implant is virtually indiscernible from your natural teeth. Where multiple (or all) teeth are missing they may commonly be replaced on just four implants – a treatment known as all-on-4.

Are your teeth in the wrong position? Crooked teeth, underbites, spaces, or similar issues can be corrected by moving the teeth into the right position. Nowadays over 90% of teeth straightening treatments can be completed with clear aligners such as Invisalign. Compared with braces, clear aligners are much more comfortable, easier to clean, often quicker, and look much better (virtually invisible). As a recognised Platinum Elite Invisalign provider, you can be confident that you’re getting the best orthodontic teeth straightening at Studio Smiles. Invisalign treatment time ranges from 3 to 24 months depending on the severity of the issue.

At Studio Smiles, we take pride in our transparent approach. We endeavour to make the entire process clear for you so that you understand exactly what is happening, what can be done and the likely outcomes. We find that taking this extra time for a thorough approach means our patients stress less and feel better quicker.

Will my treatment hurt?

Here at Studio Smiles, we take pride in our emphasis on pain-free dentistry. We understand that going to the dentist can be daunting and that there are certain procedures you may find uncomfortable, so we use the latest techniques and technology to make you feel as comfortable as we possibly can. We also offer oral and IV sedation to take the edge off where needed, which means you can wake up to the smile of your dreams without remembering a thing! Book an appointment today.

How much will this cost me?

Costs will vary depending on the individual and the treatment necessary. We believe in a transparent approach, so we make it a rule to provide all relevant treatment options and costs, including the advantages and disadvantages where relevant. This is an important part of our informed consent process. Patients may choose to opt for one of our interest-free payment plans to have their smile transformed now, while having the flexibility to pay later on their own terms. Payment plans can help alleviate the financial barriers to a healthy mouth. We want to make sure you feel completely comfortable with the next steps throughout your entire journey. Book an appointment today.

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