Natalie - dentist in Highett


Dental Nurse & Social Media Coordinator

Currently completing her studies in Dentistry at La Trobe University, Natalie has always been passionate about pursuing a career in the dental world.

To her, it’s a profession where the pinnacle of satisfaction comes from helping patients restore function, relieve pain, and help create beautiful and healthy smiles.

Her passion for student voice and advocacy has allowed her to work in publications, promotions, and executive roles for the Australian Dental Students Association (ADSA), La Trobe Rural Health Association (LARHC), and Bendigo Oral Health & Dentistry Society (BOHDS).

When she’s not studying or undertaking placement, Natalie loves to express her creative side through the art of makeup, fashion and digital content creation. You might even find her cooking up a 5-course meal or checking out the newest cafe in town.