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General Dental Services

We're here to help you on your journey to a happy and healthy smile.

Check Ups & Cleans

Prevent further issues such as gum disease, bad breath and loss of teeth by looking after your teeth properly.

Emergency Dentistry

We do everything we can to see you on the same day to prevent more complicated and costly treatments.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Our dentists have advanced training in wisdom teeth removal which means you can get them taken care of quickly and pain-free.

Fillings and Crowns (Caps)

A common treatment used to treat cavities, repair cracks or chips, and prevent further tooth decay.

Located in the heart of Bayside
Address: 497B Highett Rd, Highett 3190 (opposite Woolworths, near Highett Station)
Health Care Providers

We accept all private insurances, so you’re covered here at Studio Smiles.

Cosmetic Dental Services

Composite Bonding

Used to mask mild crowding or crookedness by giving the appearance of straighter and whiter teeth.

Teeth Whitening

The most in-demand, non-invasive solution for those wanting to brighten their smile.

Dental Implants

A great treatment for those who have lost teeth over time and are looking to improve the aesthetic and overall function of their mouth.

Porcelain Veneers

The perfect treatment to fix gaps in teeth, straighten teeth, and improve their overall colour, shape and size.


One of the most popular modern-day treatments, Invisalign is a great way to close any unwanted gaps without the need for metal braces.

We treat with care

We know that patients place their complete trust in us, so it’s important we get to know you on both a professional and personal level.

We work with passion

We genuinely love what we do, so we’re continuously inspired to do better. The joy we see on patient’s faces is truly like no other.

We deliver on our commitments

Our team has thought about every detail of your visit before you’ve even arrived. We take pride in our ability to deliver a unique patient experience.

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Our Promise

Why choose Studio Smiles?

Flexible payments

Visiting the dentist can be costly. That’s why we’ve come up with our ‘Smile Now, Pay Later’ solution. With interest-free payment plans, you’ll be able to pay on your own terms.

Dental Expertise

With over 40 years combined experience, we know what it takes to achieve the smile of your dreams. We’ve thought about every detail so you can feel completely confident.


We’re on a mission to show you that visiting the dentist doesn’t have to be unpleasant. Our team focuses solely on you and any concerns you have for an enjoyable and painless experience.

What technology has Studio Smiles invested in?
Studio Smiles has heavily invested in state-of-the-art technology to make sure the patient experience is comfortable and unique. Learn more about what makes Studio Smiles a leader in technology.
Our Technology
Soft Tissue Laser

This amazing piece of technology allows us to perform advanced gum treatments such as laser gum lift and crown lengthening completely pain-free. Compared to the traditional use of a scalpel, the laser allows for faster healing and less scarring. This means your gums can look better than ever.

Intraoral 3D Scanner

This is the show-stopping piece of technology that allows us to take scans of our patient’s teeth instead of the ‘goopy’ dental molds of the past. Used for treatments such as Invisalign, night guards, crowns, veneers, retainers, and whitening trays, our 3D intraoral scanner allows for a 100% accurate image of your teeth. Using the scanner over the traditional ‘molds’ means our dental work is more accurate and longer lasting.

Photo Studio

Our photo studio is one of our favourite rooms in the entire clinic. Not only does it help with our diagnosis and treatment planning process, but it helps our patients understand their teeth and smile better. After we’ve photographed your smile in our studio, we’re able to show you the images on our large screen monitors, giving you a unique opportunity to really see and conceptualise what is happening. Moreover, this allows us to provide beautiful before and after images that patients cherish for life.

Dental Operating Microscope

As one of only a few dental clinics in Melbourne with an operating microscope, Studio Smiles is uniquely equipped to deliver the highest level of care. Our microscope gives us the ability to examine your teeth under high magnification, allowing us to diagnose your teeth with the best precision. We also use the microscope to complete many of our procedures, with the enhanced vision leading to higher quality and more long-lasting dental treatment. We are big believers in the mantra – the better you see, the better you do, and we know you deserve the best.

Digital X-rays

These allow us to take a standard set of x-rays and instantly process them with extremely minimal radiation. In fact, our standard set of digital x-rays exposes you to about as much radiation as a flight from Melbourne to Sydney – which is very little! Your safety is our priority and this is just one example of the technology we have invested in to protect our patients and deliver the best dental care in Melbourne.

Anaesthetic Heating

We know that many people are afraid of having painful injections, that’s why we’ve invested in a custom anaesthetic heater. This means all our numbing anesthetics are heated to above body temperature, which combined with our powerful custom-made numbing cream, means that all injections at Studio Smiles are virtually pain-free. Your comfort is important to us, and anaesthetic heating is just one way we’re paving the way forward in modern dental care.

Netflix & Noise Cancelling Headphones

Watch your favourite Netflix show with noise-cancelling headphones while you have your teeth worked on. With comforts like this, it’s not uncommon for patients at Studio Smiles to drift off to sleep while having their dental treatment. Block out all those dental sounds and immerse yourself in another world while we take care of your smile. It’s technology like this that allows for Melbourne’s best dental experience.


We’ve invested in state-of-the-art sterilisation machines. Calibrated daily, we’re able to keep up-to-date with protocols in the post-Covid world. We take pride in the cleanliness of our dental clinic because we know that the best results demand the highest levels of infection control.

Dental Sedation

Our facility has been custom-built to allow for safe sedation. This means we have the equipment to safely treat patients asleep in our dental chair – no need to go to the hospital. For those patients with severe dental anxiety or fear, dental sedation is a great option.

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Dr. Daniel Maryanovsky

Founder and Principal Dentist
Dr. Daniel Maryanovsky, a leading cosmetic dentist in Melbourne, has a keen interest in helping those needing severe dental reconstruction, as well as those looking to achieve a beautiful smile. Dr. Daniel has made it his personal commitment to perfect the art of dentistry.


  • General dentistry

  • Invisalign

  • Porcelain veneers

  • Dental implants

  • Wisdom teeth

Graduating from La Trobe University (Victoria) with a Masters in Dentistry, Dr. Daniel went on to complete advanced training in cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry. Determined to foster a sense of community, Dr. Daniel is now a faculty member at La Trobe University and co-founded ‘General Dental Residency’, the largest provider of education for early career dentists in Australia.

Dr. Daniel’s greatest passion is the interplay between the artistry, science, and engineering of a smile. Seeing these elements come together daily, whether it be through a simple filling or a complex transformation, is what motivated Dr. Daniel to found Studio Smiles. As a people person himself, Dr. Daniel believes in a relationship driven approach to dental care and likes to take the time to get to know his patients. It is this personal approach and attention to detail which builds trust and gives Dr. Daniel’s patients the confidence to have their smile taken care of.

Outside of Studio Smiles, you’ll find Daniel ballroom dancing, experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen or having a hit of tennis on the court.

Dr. Daniel is a leading member of the following organisations:

  • Australian Dental Association (ADA)

  • Australian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics (AADFA)

  • Australian Aesthetics Orthodontics and Restorative Training Academy (AOARTA)

  • La Trobe University Faculty of Dental and Oral Health Science

  • Restorative Implant Practice Excellence (RIPE Global)

  • General Dental Residency

  • The OrthoEd Institute

I believe in a relationship driven approach – from our amazing staff to Melbourne’s finest ceramists. Quality relationships create quality dentistry – and that’s what’s important to me.
- A personal note from Dr. Daniel Maryanovsky

Our Fees

This price list is a guide only.

While you can't put a price on good health, we believe that fee transparency is important.

Please note that cost for treatment is determined by the nature of the problem, complexity, treatment required, and a range of other factors.

* Package prices represent maximum out-of-pocket expense.

^ No out-of-pocket cost associated with cosmetic opinion, however insurance will still be processed for those with private healthcare.

Check Up and Clean

Comprehensive examination including soft tissue and gum check, bite and smile analysis, and all necessary intraoral and full mouth (OPG) x-rays and photographs. Discuss your concerns, goals, and have all your questions answered. Finish with a professional clean including stain removal and teeth polishing.

Clean Only

Professional dental teeth cleaning, plaque and stain removal, polishing, and desensitisation.

Cosmetic Opinion

Considering cosmetic dental treatment? Have a free 10 minute chat to explore your options: a smile makeover, whitening, porcelain veneers, composite bonding, Invisalign, dental implants, or all-on-4. Please note further diagnostic appointments will be required prior to starting any major dental treatment.


Wanting to discuss a specific issue? 30 minute one-on-one consultation with a dentist.

Pain/Broken Tooth

Emergency consultation including oral examination and all x-rays and dental tests necessary. Have peace of mind with fixed fee emergency diagnosis. Please note that cost for treatment (if necessary) is additional and will be discussed before any treatment is commenced.

Kids Appointment (13 and Under)

Enjoy fixed-price kids check-ups including cleaning and x-rays (if necessary). Only $95 if paying privately, *or bulk-billed to Medicare if your child is eligible under the Child Dental Benefits Scheme. To check your eligibility please call us on (03) 9008 6348.

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Highly recommend Dr Dan from Studio Smiles, the most friendly dentist and makes me feel so comfortable every visit. Each appointment I always leave feeling really informed as he takes the time to explain any concerns!

- Maddi Yeoh

Great service from Daniel and the team. It was a pleasant surprise to see how they go about their business - very much customer comes first. They make sure you are comfortable from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave. The level of detail they go into when it comes to recommended treatments and doing the work has been second to none. It is great to be able to access such a modern and friendly dentist in Highett.

- Dave Pimm

Great dentist with genuine care for their clients !! Reasonable prices and the best technology used to ensure everyone is left with the best experience. Highly recommend.

- Erika A

5 stars because Studio Smiles is an amazing dentist clinic which I would highly recommend to anyone !! The best dental care I have ever experienced! The professionalism and friendliness of the whole team is outstanding. I’ve been dealing with Daniel who has made my experience so positive by taking his time to thoroughly explain everything to me, whilst also taking the time to listen to my wants and needs. Daniel is honest with a lot of integrity! The only dentist I will be visiting from now !

- Annie