Broken Tooth

Rebuilding a tooth is the best way to protect it from further breakdown.

Why is my tooth broken?

When our adult teeth first come through, they are generally strong and healthy (except for some rare genetic conditions). Usually if a tooth has broken it is due to a gradual weakening over time. This weakening can often be put down to a cavity inside the tooth, an old filling, or a developing crack. In this weakened state the tooth is susceptible to breakdown and one day decides it has enough, when it breaks.

Should I have my broken tooth fixed?

A broken tooth is often difficult to clean, sharp, and uncomfortable. As the inside of the tooth is exposed, a toothache may develop which may make the treatment more complicated and expensive. If you are in need of immediate attention, give us a ring and we’ll do all we can on the day to stop the pain.

So what are your treatment options?

These are used when your broken tooth has lost about 40 to 60% of its structure. Ceramic is much stronger than the tooth-coloured plastic fillings as it is handmade in a laboratory. Some advantages of dental porcelain include better aesthetics with an exact shade match to your natural tooth colour, stain resistance, and greater longevity

These are generally done when your broken tooth has lost less than 40% of its structure. Our tooth-coloured fillings are made directly in the mouth from a dental composite. These fillings are not only used to restore a broken tooth but are also used for cosmetic improvements of the smile, changing the colour or shape of the teeth.

These are used when you have lost over 60% of your tooth structure. This means that the tooth has lost most of its strength and requires to be totally rebuilt. A ceramic crown covers the whole tooth like a helmet, protecting it from further breakdown.